Company “BELNIK” was established on 04.12.2000 under the name “Mannes bygg & Plat” as a facility for production, turnover and services.
The founders of the company are Belojica Tomislav and Dragoslav Nikolić.


St.  Kosmajska 139


tel. +381 11  8230 872
tel. +381 11  8231 672


Bank account :  155-19335-11
Identification number :  17327437
Registry number :  01917327437
Beneficial number :  2593
TAX id : 102372348

Visiting hours:

Monday-Saturday:  07.00-23.00
Sunday: closed 

The headquarters and manufacturing facility is situated in Mladenovac. The company calibrates steel and manufactures lattice girders FK120 and FK90.
The company possesses one automatic machine for manufacture lattice girders, one automatic machine for manufacturing metal mesh frame, and one semi-automatic machine for manufacturing metal mesh frame.

Capacity of the company is 400t of lattice supporters per month, and 1000t of metal mesh frame per month.
We also need to inform you that we can offer you any kind of service that concerns our manufacture or us.

As a guarantee of quality our products are attested at the Faculty of Techincal Sciences in Novi Sad.

Further quality reassurances are our managers who monitor the production on daily bases as well as usage of high quality input materials

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