Credo Trade

Company "Credo Trade" was established in February 2001 with the head office in Novi Sad.
First and main founders are Dejan Žujević, Drago Ćulibrk and Dragoslav Nikolić.


Rumenački put 101
21000 Novi Sad


tel. +381 21  6319 300


Bank account :  155-18062-47
Identification number :  08720924
Registry number :  22308720924
Beneficial number :  4690
TAX id : 100449331

Visiting hours:

Monday-Saturday:  07.00-23.00
Sunday: closed 

The company has a long term business partnership with two other successful companies: "PIN" and "Belnik" from Mladenovac, both of who deal in metal mesh frames and armature nets.

These partnerships enable us to offer our products at the most competitive prices.

We have our own transport and delivery service to ensure prompt delivery of all orders irrespective of volume. "Credo Trade" enjoys a strong reputations based on its trade records and customer satisfaction.

The company is 12th biggest company in that branche in Serbia and head Menager Ćulibrk Drago is pronounced to be 12th Menager in the same branche.
As such the company has built up a robust business relationships with over 100 factories and warehouses in Serbia.

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