PIN-DD d.o.o.

The company "PIN-DD" was founded as a subsidiary of "PIN" Serbia on August 20 2014, based in Maribor, Slovenia.
Founder and owner is Dragoslav Nikolić.


St.  Kamenškova 16, 2000 Maribor
St.  PE KOZINA, Prešnica 97, 6240 Kozina


tel.  +386 31 359 385


Bank account :  SI56045150002407078, BIC KBMASI2X
Identification number :  66614750200
TAX id : SI20209088

Visiting hours:

Monday-Saturday:  09.00-17.00
Sunday: closed 

Od svog osnivanja bavi se uvozom, prodajom i izvozom kamiona, prikolica, gradjevinskih i drugih mašina na teritoriji Evrope.

In 2017, the company invested in trailers for oversized transport with the idea to penetrate special transport services industry in the territory of Europe with a focus on the European Union and the Balkan countries.

In the same year, the company was granted a license for carrying out transport locally and internationally.

In cooperation with the parent company from Serbia, "PIN-DD" builds new and maintains existing partners and clients, while constantly penetrating new markets.

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